-From Yesterday-

These two might have grown up in the Southeastern United States, but both are Coloradans now.

Former Floridian Boyd Van Voorhis on the right had a limited time to talk because his daughter is just days old and her two year old big brother has yet to learn how to relieve his Mom from baby duties. It was an up, down and hustle home kind of day. Boyd grew up in Fort Myers, got a degree in sports management from Elon college and an MBA from Regis University here in Denver. Just six months ago he started his own business- Summit Health Management and Fitness LLC. He just took up cycling, having spent many years summiting mountains- about 120 in total including all the 14ers in Colorado and Denali in Alaska.

Dan Walter on the left was a Georgian who attended UGA and Emory University in Atlanta. He has always been into fitness, specifically hiking and mixed martial arts. He rode his Peloton bike inside to prepare for this initial trip up Lookout Mountain. I missed writing this down, but I think that Dan told me that he is a physical therapist.

Welcome to Lookout, Boyd and Dan. We hope to see a lot of you in this same location.

Start Monday, 3/14/22, 9:40 AM, 36 degrees
Finish 10:45 AM, 46 degrees
Cyclists on descent 3
Vehicles on descent 7
Runners/walkers 5
Ratio of cyclists/vehicles 1 to 2.3

Chuck Haraway

LOM laps 2022 15
LOM laps lifetime 3272

Ben, who lives right by the pillars is getting some work done on his deck. Hats off to him as he always is picking up litter right on that very first switchback. Thanks, Ben

Al Neighbors who owns D’Deli in downtown Golden was riding up as I came down. He is a good fellow and a good cyclist.