Mike Jossi remembered when Ray, Rick and I used to ride together…incessantly. I had to break to him the bad news that Ray had died of CoVid almost two years ago.

Mike grew up in Ridgeway on a cattle ranch riding motorcycles. He switched to riding bicycles later in his life to relieve stress from his job. He now works in human resources for Qualfon which has 15,000 employees in call centers around the world. The job has taken him to many of those call center cities and he has cycled in South Africa and Columbia on his job related travels. He also mentioned that the call center in the Philippines has a vaccination rate of 98 percent. Wearing masks is probably not a requirement there.

I noted to him that his Santa Cruz gravel bike with knobby tires was the only way to ride Lookout during the last week when the temperatures were low and the ice/snow on the road was slow to disappear.

Thanks for the conversation, Mike. It was good to get to meet you.

Start Saturday, March 12, 2022,
Finish A bit later and a bit warmer but it was windy today and some riders headed down without riding to the top thanks to the headwinds in the canyon.

Chuck H.