Ed Carlstead is a bit of a latecomer to the cycling scene. He has only been riding for 12 years, but he has also made up for lost time in many respects. He was originally from Hawaii, where his family was stationed in the Navy. He graduated from the University of Hawaii and got his law degree from the University of Missouri. He passed the bar in Colorado and settled in to practice as a civil attorney. He commented that once an attorney is established in a state, it is a bit difficult to move (a reference to passing the bar in another state). A bit later in life Ed was inspired by, um, a fellow named Lance Armstrong to get into more aerobically directed exercise. He has since ridden in the French Alps and Croatia (a Backroads trip which he highly recommends) as well as local rides such as the Triple Bypass, Copper Triangle and Elephant Rock.

Ed is a good example of a rider who, even in spite of a few good bike accidents and a somewhat aging body, makes a good effort (he lives out by the airport) to come over to Lookout to ride the mountain. Good on you, Ed.

Start Tuesday, March 1, 2022, 8:30 AM, 55 degrees
Finish 11:30 AM, 62 degrees
Cyclists on descent 18
Vehicles on descent 9
Runners/walkers 1
Ratio of cyclists/vehicles 2 to 1

Chuck H.

LOM laps 2022 11
LOM laps lifetime 3267 (I got off track lst week. This is the correct figure.)