This was one of my most enjoyable profiles.

Forty nine year old Jorge Hinojos passed me as I descended and I noted how athletic he appeared as he whizzed by. It was not surprising when I learned that he is descended partially from the Tarahumara Indian Tribe in the Chihuahua region of Mexico. (The Tarahumaras are well known for their feats of incredible endurance in the running community. Even locally- three or four Tarahumaras took honors at the Leadville 100 Mile Endurance Run some years ago.) Recalling his athletic resume, he told me that he had run an 8:44 two mile and a 14:50 5K when he was still a student. He improved those times after graduating to 8:36 and 13:47 (the latter at 26 years old). He started cycling about 9 years ago and found that he really enjoys the climbing- 7% grades or steeper. He even won the State Masters Hillclimb Championship in the Bob Cook/Mount Evans race last year by posting a 2:16. His PR on Lookout is 20:17- a mark he hopes to improve.

Jorge’s late father was a history professor at the University of Chihuahua- so he also had academic credentials in his lineage. He attended Boulder High School and the University of Colorado, graduating with an undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering and a Masters in Environmental Science. The surprise came when I asked for whom he worked. He responded that he worked for Tetra Tech (formerly RTW)- a small water district engineering company cofounded by a next door neighbor of my wife and me, Joe Tamburini. Jorge said with appreciation that Joe had sponsored him as a student to come to the United States.

Thank you, Jorge for this conversation. I very much enjoyed it.

Start Sunday, 2/20/22, 10:40 AM, 50 degrees
Finish 12:15 PM, not sure of the temperature
Cyclists on descent 39
Vehicles on descent 19
Runners/walkers 5
Ratio of cyclists/vehicles 2.05 /1

Chuck H.

Lookout laps 2022 7
Lookout laps lifetime 3268 (Ray Bolton- 7915, Rick Brune- 4000+)