Twice a year the Police Academy in Lakewood graduates about a fifty person class and celebrates by ascending Lookout Mountain on the road. They started at noon and had an accompanying vehicle for each of the three groups, the antelopes, the giraffes and the elephants. Greg Gompert, the director of the academy, said that the course for new recruits is about twenty weeks long, so they graduate a class in June and a class in December. The picture includes only about twenty percent of this fall’s graduates- who were probably among the antelopes enjoying the effort.

Thanks, Greg for the profile and good luck to all this fall’s graduates, wherever you end up serving here in Colorado!

Start Thursday, Deceember 9, 202, 11:50 AM, 44 degrees
Finish 1:10 PM, 41 degrees
Cyclists on descent about 10
Vehicles on descent about the same


Consecutive LOM days 4
Laps 2021 242
Laps lifetime 3243