Thirty year old Ian Blythe grew up in Sedalia racing his BMX bike. More recently he has finished Moab Rocks, the Firecracker 50, the Snowmass 50 and the Laramie Range Epic. BUT also he is the first person with whom I have talked to through ride the Colorado Trail. He qualified that he did have support, but rode four days, took a day off in Salida and rode four more days to finish.

His jersey gives a shout out to Flow Formula, a nutrition drink started by friends. He also mentioned Brian Elander, a high schooler who has ridden over a million feet vertical already this year on his mountain bike.

Good to talk to you, Ian. Thanks for all the good information,

Start Saturday, December 4, 2021, 41 degrees
Finish 9:45 AM, 55 degrees
Cyclists on descent 10
Vehicles on descent 7
Runners/walkers 1
Ratio of cyclists to vehicles 1.4 to 1

Chuck H.

Consecutive days on LOM 9
Laps 2021 238
Laps lifetime 3239