Start Friday, December 3, 2021, 9:25 AM, 40 degrees
Finish 10:30 AM, 48 degrees
Cyclists on descent 3
Vehicles on descent 6
Walkers/runners 1
Ratio of cyclists to vehicles 1 to 2

Chuck H.

Consecutive LOM days 8
LOM laps 2021 237
LOM laps lifetime 3238

This was a delightful day to ride in the cool air. If you dress properly for the ride down, the cooler conditions (minus the wind) make riding Lookout a very enjoyable morning pursuit. A fellow at the Safeway grocery store had talked to Frosty Woolridge and was very interested in changing his diet and losing the extra 100 pounds he is carrying just now. I told him that I was passed by an electric bike this morning and that would be a good way to get started- just being outside and getting used to the weather.