Even though he is approaching his seventy ninth birthday next February and has only lived in Colorado for two months, Al Hamenter is not letting any grass grow under his feet……or his bicycle tires. Just a few days ago he rode a 34:20 up Lookout Mountain. Of course he has not missed many opportunities his whole life. He was born in Portland and grew up in Washington state, heading to Western Washington for college. Days after he graduated, he was hired by Boeing as an electrical engineer and spent 43 years in their employ. He mentioned that he and Boeing were a pretty good fit. He eventually was the manager for robotics and artificial intelligence before moving to the headquarters in public relations.

Athletically he enjoyed skiing and motocross most of his life and picked up the cycling about ten years ago. He made friends with Mark S. who was the head honcho at BOA, the cycle shoe fastener company and will probably spend some of his Christmas holiday with him in Arizona.

No reason to slow down now, Al. Keep up the good work.

Start Monday, November 29, 2021, 12:50 PM, 69 degrees
Finish 3 PM, 62 degrees
Cyclists on descent 15
Vehicles on descent 12
Runners/walkers 2

Chuck H.

Consecutive LOM days 4
LOM Laps 2021 233
LOM Laps lifetime 3234