Start Wednesday, November 24, 2021, 9:30 AM, 37 degrees
Finish 11:05 AM, 37 degrees
Cyclists on descent 5
Vehicles on descent 8

Chuck H.

Consecutive days 5
Laps 2021 229
Laps lifetime 3230

It did not warm up today, but I got a good reminder to keep my bike secure.

A regular Lookout cyclist told me a story about cycling to downtown Denver to perform jury duty. Since she had been a bike messenger here and did not live far from downtown, she rode to the courthouse and locked her good road bike to a bike rack. When she checked on it later, it had disappeared from the rack. She tried to call 911, but was put on hold three times. Just about then her bike rolled by her on the street sporting an unfamiliar rider. In spite of her husband’s cell phone warnings, she tracked it to a homeless camp in north Denver and pleaded to get her bike back. She never did get it back, but the head honcho of the camp loaned her a bike to get home. (There were many seemingly ‘dislocated’ bikes in the camp.) She returned the loaner the next day and relied on her insurance- minus the $1K deductible- to get her back riding again. All second guessing aside, she handled the situation with tact and reasonable urban etiquette and managed to learn a few lessons that would not have happened her way had she not ended up in this situation.

It is just a reminder that many bikes are being stolen from what may otherwise seem to be a secure situation.

Do not rely on a bike lock to keep your ride safe these days. Keep it in your sight or out of sight of any potential thief.