Harris R. is 60 years old, but if you looked at his muscular cycling legs, you might think that he was training for the next Tour de France. He has been riding since the late 80’s and raced for the Denver Spoke in the 90’s. Having attended CU Boulder and worked in real estate investment and property management all over Colorado, he has had opportunities to see our great state and has traveled to France to cycle in the Alps- including riding Alpe d’Huez and the Col du Galibier. He has finished about two dozen double centuries and has been a member of the RMCC since the early 90’s. He has also cycled the Grand Loop from Denver through Rocky Mountain National Park over Trail Ridge Road and back to Denver in one push about seven times. He has a PR of 20:39 on Lookout and has raced the Bob Cook up Mount Evans in 2:17 or 2:18.

-All this because he needed an outlet for his energy when he was not skiing during the Colorado summers.

In a crash about two years ago, he sustained a broken femur. Harris really had my head spinning with all his accomplishments. Good on you, my man. The road stretches out ahead of you for many years to come.

Start Tuesday, 11/9/21, 8:15 AM, 37 degrees
Finish a bit later, maybe a touch warmer
Cyclists on descent 4
Vehicles on descent 9
Ratio of cyclists to vehicles 1 to 2.25