-from Saturday when it was chillier-

The University of Denver cross country ski team is shooting for its 25th national championship early next year. A couple members of the team who are from Austria and Finland will be competing during the next few weeks to be on the upcoming Winter Olympic teams for their respective countries. The team of eight women and seven men train regularly on Lookout early in the season prior to getting on the snow.

Head coach Rogan Brown who competed previously for the University of Vermont and assistant Coach Heather Mooney who competed for Middlebury have also been professional ski racers.

The Saturday picture had to be quick, because the temperature was only 45 degrees and some of the athletes depend on lighting the internal flame to stay warm when rollerskiing up the hill.

Start Sunday, November 7, 9:40 AM, 60 degrees
Finish 10:40 AM, 64 degrees
Cyclists on descent 53
Cars on descent 15
Motorcycles on descent 21 (12 or 13 were riding together)
Ratio of cyclists to cars 3.5 to 1

Chuck H.

Consecutive LOM days 21
Laps 2021 215
Laps lifetime 3216