This picture was not taken recently, but it gives you the idea that riding up Lookout can give you a very different perspective from being in Denver. This week I forgot my phone/camera at home and rode into and out of the clouds while cycling the mountain. The mountain peaks appear as islands in the sea of clouds in this case, but you will never know what the view from Pahaska Teepee is until you arrive. Early this week few cyclists challenged the weather, but the few who did got great views from above the clouds.

Start Wednesday, 11/3/21, 9:45 AM, 44 degrees
Finish 11 AM, 52 degrees
Cyclists on descent 2 (including Kristine, of course)
Vehicles on descent 2
Ratio of cyclists to vehicles 1 to 1

Chuck H.

Consecutive days on LOM 17
Laps 2021 211
Laps lifetime 3212