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When we passed John while riding up Lookout, he mentioned that his wife is a faster rider than he, but we had passed her a ways back. He surmised correctly that she must have been taking pictures on the way up the mountain.

John’s father worked at the Air Force Academy when he came to Colorado Springs in 1972. He had/has a career in finance. Mary, originally from New York, sixty miles north of the City, is/was a health coach. Earlier she was employed by the government and living in Vermont when she started biking to work.

John used to follow her in his car that sported a sign that said ‘Olympian in Training’ (he said with a smile) until he decided to join her on the roads on a two wheeler. They really enjoy Summit County bike paths (although climbing Vail Pass from the west is an EFFORT) and eating a post ride meal at Bread-N-Salt. Next they want to explore the paths down toward Parker and the trails near Buena Vista.

Start Monday, November 1, 1:30 PM, 30 degrees
Finish 2:45 PM, 28 degrees. the air seems to be cooling off
Bikes on descent 2 (I was surprised to see them since it was so foggy)
Vehicles on descent 6
Ratio of cyclists to vehicles 1 to 3 (not unusual after noon)

Chuck H.

Consecutive LOM days 15
Laps 2021 209
Laps lifetime 3210

As I cycled toward the top, I knew that I could hear the cars approaching and I was dressed in bright clothing with two very visible headlights and two taillights. The visible range was 50-100 yards. But the mountain lions are rather quiet devils and I was breathing audibly. I have never seen one on Lookout, but I know that they are there……somewhere.