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Dadgummit, but even though I enjoyed talking to Mark Martens, I forgot to ask about getting his picture.

Mark Martens is one of the wise folks who has discovered the absolute joy of riding an electric bicycle. He has only had it for a month, but said that he plans to spend much more time on it in the future. He grew up just north of Chicago and got an undergraduate degree from Colorado College and a law degree from Northwestern. But his time in Colorado early on convinced him that this would be a great place to live and practice law. He spent many years on his regular road bike, taking self guided trips to Croatia and the Puglia region of Italy. He only makes it over to Lookout three or four times a year, but I believe he said that this was his first trip with his new ride. Too bad I did not get a picture. It was a sweet looking machine.

Start Sunday, October 31, 1:30 PM, 36 degrees
Finish Later and just a bit warmer
Cyclists on descent 1
Vehicles on descent 16
Ratio of cyclists to vehicles 1 to 16

Chuck H.d

Consecutive LO days 14
Laps 2021 208
Laps lifetime 3209

Riding in the afternoon changes the ratio of cyclists to vehicles to favor the vehicles. Ride early if you can to avoid all the red license plates of the rental fleet vehicles driving up Lookout to see the scenery.