Scott and Amy are cycling friends who have not put in many laps on Lookout. Amy said that this was her second trip up Lookout. Scott admitted to a third trip.

Amy simply says that she is ‘American’ because her family moved around quite a bit while she was growing up even though her father was an engineer rather than being in the military. She went to college at UT/Austin and got her geology degree (or advanced degree) in Toledo, eventually working for the Bureau of Land Management. In her 30’s she rode a mountain bike for the most part.

Scott grew up n the east coast and graduated from Drexel in Philadelphia. His CPA got him a job working ’80 hours a week’ for a corporate firm and as he says he ‘retired in the mid 80’s to become a ski bum’. Starting over required that he become proficient as a skier. He did that and became a ski school instructor and he even drove the grooming equipment in his quest to stay employed during his 35 years in the ski industry in Winter Park. Summers put him on mountain bikes and gravel bikes and found him guiding river rafts.

The eight year difference in their ages (he is the more mature of the two) finds them climbing Lookout as friends and cycling companions.

Start Friday, 10/29/21, 8:15 AM, 45 degrees
Finish 9:30 AM, 58 degrees
Cyclists on descent 2
Vehicles on descent 6
Ratio of cyclists to vehicles 1 to 3

Chuck H.

Consecutive days on LO 12
Laps 2021 206
Laps lifetime 3207