This profile defies all probabilities.

Jamie Fanselow grew up in Evergreen. If I got this right, she was eleven years old when she competed in the Red Zinger nine day stage race and was a licensed category three rider through her 20’s. Then she missed the next twenty years of riding because she developed sciatica and endured multiple sclerosis due to an injured disc in her back. It even affected her vision. She had already finished the Mount Evans Hill climb in 2:40 (she may have been even faster, but could not remember the exact time since it was so long ago).

Not one to COMPLETELY give up on a favorite pursuit, she finally found George at Peak Cyclery and he managed to set up her bike so that she could ride in a bit more upright posture in order to put her spine in a more neutral position. Last summer to celebrate her 50th birthday, she and her eighteen year old son rode Mount Evans with the benefit of no automobile traffic on the mountain.

Her comment about taking a twenty years hiatus from riding is that “we all have so much more urban traffic to contend with now than we had in the late late 90’s”.

There are many people who have to battle with specific demons in order to ride Lookout. Jamie Fanselow is a good example of how tough some of those folks have to be just to keep the pedals turning.

Start Tuesday, October 26, 2021, 8:15 AM, 59 degrees
Finish 11 AM, 65 degrees
Cyclists on descent 10
Vehicles on descent 6
Ratio of cyclists to vehicles 1.7 to 1

Chuck H.

Consecutive Lookout days 9
Lookout laps 2021 203
Lookout laps lifetime 3204