Paul Rodriguez grew up in Delaware and went to the University of Delaware and Penn State, getting a degree in finance. He is presently working for Molson/Coors until the end of the year. During his recent job search, he was offered a job in Milwaukee, but he and his wife decided that they would really rather stay in Colorado. Since he has been mountain biking almost all his life, Paul just could not see leaving his adopted state where you can ride up and down outside for HOURS. …and not only bike. He finished the Leadville 100 Trail RUN in 23 hours this year. This fellow is an ATHLETE.

The road bicycle that he was riding this day was his dad’s old road bike since his mountain bike is getting a repair and he was thinking that he might head for Squaw Pass. No reason to slow down now, Paul since you have so many pursuits to help you stay in shape. Good on you.

Start Monday, 10/25/21, 8:45 AM, 40 degrees
Finish 9:00 AM, a bit warmer
Cyclists on descent 6
Vehicles on descent 4
Ratio of cyclists to vehicles 1.5 to 1

Chuck Haraway

Consecutive Lookout days 8
2021 Lookout laps 202
Lifetime Lookout laps 3203