The speed limit on Lookout is 20 miles and hour. Unless you are riding your brakes, you will probably be cruising downhill at about 30 miles and hour. A car coming up the hill is probably moving about the same speed. That means the closing speed is 60 miles an hour with both of you possibly coming into a blind corner. If the car is trying to get by cyclists who are riding two abreast, it is almost guaranteed that the wheels of the car are either on the center line or over the center line. To avoid a collision, you must ride as far right as you possibly can heading into a corner and avoid trying to pass another cyclist in this situation.

Start Thursday, 10/21/21, 9 AM, 44 degrees
Finish 10:10 AM, 49 degrees (now that the temperature is comfortable for riding up, it is cool coming down)
Cyclists on descent 4
Vehicles on descent 2
Ratio of cyclists to vehicles 2 to 1

Chuck H.

Consecutive days on Lookout 4
Laps 2021 198
Laps lifetime 3199 (still third by a long shot)