Fifty-nine year old Kurt Foster has been riding for fifty two years. He grew up in Binghamton, New York and became a plumbing contractor. He skis and hikes in addition to riding his bike and enjoys Lookout because he considers it car friendly. But his goal is to ride Teton Pass eventually. Maybe then I’ll be able to get a picture of him because he is the only person so far who has declined a request to include a picture with his profile……maybe later when he becomes famous……

Start Tuesday, 10/19/2, 8:20 AM, 46 degrees
Finish 11:15 AM, 57 degrees
Cyclists on descent 4
Vehicles on descent 16
Ratio of Cyclists to vehicles 1 to 4 (a light rain was falling in the late morning)

Chuck H.

Consecutive days 2 (after six days out of town)
Laps 2021 196
Laps lifetime 3197