From Sunday, October 10, 2021-

Kevin Collins from Lakewood turned 64 since I talked to him. He found this LeMond bicycle at a car wash. He reported it to the police and, since no one claimed it in the proper period of time, he became its proud owner. As he likes the solitude of riding solo, he just wanders over to Lookout a couple times a week to ride by himself up the mountain.

He came to Colorado from Chicago on a train in 1975. Though he was headed to be a water plant operator, he got diverted into becoming a steeplejack, painting the flag pole at a Greek Orthodox church and painting the light poles at a shopping mall parking lot. He eventually found his calling as an auto broker and ALMOST appeared in a commercial for the National Jewish Hospital since he had grey hair and a few wrinkles. Maybe after a few more years, a few more grey hairs and a few more miles on the bike……

Start Monday, 10/18/21, 10 AM, 61 degrees
Finish 11:10 AM, 67 degrees
Cyclists on descent 10
Vehicles on descent 15
Walkers/runners 1
Ratio of cyclists to vehicles 1 to 1.5

Chuck H.

Consecutive Lookout days 1
Lookout laps 2021 195
Lookout laps lifetime 3196
Consistency challenge +:28 (just a bit slow in the upper half)