It was a good day on Lookout. I had the privilege of introducing these two dynamic women to each other.

Megan Hottman on the left is and she and a team from Anthill Films out of Vancouver were getting some footage for a documentary that will be out in about a year. The videographers flew here specifically to film Megan thanks to her campaign for cyclists to ride safely. “I do not want to see you come into my office”, she says, because that may mean that you need her services. She prefers that cyclists remain injury free. That makes her smile more than offering the ‘all too often necessary’ talent that she has to offer in the legal field.

Christie Hurst on the right is riding multiples today (not as many as the 12 or 13 she rode on a very hot day this summer) to celebrate her recovery from a very bad bike accident on Lookout one year ago tomorrow. She will always celebrate October 9th as the beginning of her best recovery rather than the day that the surgeons had to piece her back together, the details of which are rather unbelievable considering her irrepressibly upbeat attitude. Tomorrow will be a day for big smiles and four laps for Christie. It will be easy to pick her out. She is the person with the blue backpack, cycling for about four hours on Lookout tomorrow morning. If you see her, wish her well.

Start Friday, 10/8/21, 7:15 AM, 50 degrees
Finish 8:45 AM, 57 degrees (If you ride early, be ready for the very cool breezes that flow from the mountains to the warming plains.)
Cyclists on descent Sorry, I lost count
Vehicles on Lookout Not sure here either, but it did include a classic convertible with some young people dressed up nicely

Chuck H.

Consecutive Lookout days 67
Laps 2021 191
Laps lifetime 3192 (third)