I am beginning to think that the local geologists need to start their own riding group.

Frank Hearn Grew up in Miami and went to school at Appalachian State, but did not start riding in earnest until his graduate days at the University of Louisiana. He then worked for Baker Hughes and was fortunate enough to get a company transfer to Colorado. He says he ‘…was not from here originally, but got here as quick as I could….’. He is now retired- more or less- at 65 years of age, but still teaches at Front Range Community College. His bike does not have the latest electronic gear on it, but he says it is a fast bike and that the combination of fast bike and slow rider equates to “a slightly faster slow rider”. (Geologists are such a crack up.). He has many organized rides to his credit here in Colorado and in Texas including the Hotter Than Hell 100. He rides solo often, but joins the group riding out of Cenna Bike shop in Longmont for their weekly group rides.

Thanks, Frank. Good talking to you.

Start Thursday, 10/7/21, 10:30 AM, warm
Finish 11:30 AM, warmer
Cyclists on descent 21
Vehicles on descent 10 (including a police vehicle with the lights blazing)
Ratio of cyclists to vehicles 2.1 to 1 (The later in the morning, the lower the ratio usually.)

Chuck Haraway

Consecutive Lookout days 66
Lookout laps 2021 190
Laps lifetime 3191 (third at best)