The cycling community lost a good friend over the weekend. Barb Day managed the Echo Lake Lodge at the base of the Mount Evans Highway. Her family, which includes her brother, Bill Carle, has managed gift shops and restaurants on Pike’s Peak, Mount Evans, Lookout Mountain, Red Rocks and the entrances to Rocky Mountain National Park for decades. Barb has rewarmed many cyclists who became hypothermic after cycling up and down Mount Evans- including myself. She always provided a friendly face, a warm welcome and heat and food to anyone who needed some comfort after challenging the road or the trails on Mount Evans. It seems appropriate that her passing was within a few weeks of the normal closing of the Lodge after the summer season.

Start Sunday, 10/3/21, 8 AM, 53 degrees
Finish 9 AM, still cool and comfortable
Cyclists on descent 24
Vehicles on descent 5
Runners/walkers 10

Chuck H.

Consecutive days on Lookout 62
Laps 2021 186
Laps lifetime 3187 (third behind Ray (7915) and Rick (4000+))