Good effort! David Goldenberg was giving it his all on Saturday, aiming to ride ten laps on Lookout Mountain on his recently acquired new ride. He started at 6AM and was goin up and down in about 45 minutes. Smokin’!!!! When I saw him, he was on his fifth lap. He allowed as how it was starting to wear on him mentally, but getting past halfway was a big milestone. I’ll let all of you know how he finished if I can get in touch with him.

Start Saturday, October 2, 2021, 9 AM, 55 degrees
Finish 10:15 AM, still nice and cool
Cyclists on descent 37
Vehicles on descent 11
Ratio of cyclists to vehicles 3.36 to 1

Chuck H.

Consecutive Lookout days 61
Laps 2021 185
Laps lifetime 3186