From Wednesday-

Thirty nine year old mechanical engineer Josh Armstrong grew up in the Dallas area. He did not go to the Colorado School of Mines, but his civil engineer (from Reno) wife did attend Mines. Since they had their second child recently, he is riding and she is recovering, but she is hoping to also be riding again soon. He has ridden the Enchanted Circle route unofficially and the Buffalo Classic officially. A couple cool things about Josh are- first- that he built up his own bike. Getting components was a bit difficult, of course, but he knew exactly what he wanted on his bike and he is mechanically inclined, of course, so he was patient and consistent in his quest to put his perfect ride (modest, without a single flashy decal) underneath him. He also rides his motorcycle and knows exactly what a bicycle rider is thinking as a motorcycle approaches from behind. In that case he is particularly patient and careful not to pass too quickly or too close. The handlebar mustache reflects both of those passions- in a single glance to his face.

Thanks, Josh.

Start Thursday, 9/30/21, 9:45 AM, 42 degrees

Finish 11:50, 46 degrees
Cyclists on descent 4
Vehicles on descent 8
Ratio of bikes to vehicles 1 to 2. Today was very cool and humid. Some of the few riders were still sporting summer clothing.

Chuck Haraway

Consecutive Lookout days 59
Laps 2021 183
Laps lifetime 3184 (still third)