From Saturday- Thomas Bell piqued my interest in the parking lot. He appeared to be trotting around the parking lot in “warm up” fashion. That he was- just before changing his clothes at the bottom of Lookout to head up to the summit of Mount Evans. Born in the city of Kirkland, Washington- the home of Costco (do you get the connection?)-, Thomas grew up in Washington State and spent four years in Germany where he began his competitive cycling. He raced in Europe and later won the RAMROD (Race Around Mount Washington- One Day) when, as he says, his fellow leader LET him win. That sounds pretty modest to me. He now teaches German at the University of Denver. In his spare time he is a ski instructor at Arapahoe Basin. He doesn’t ride in his street clothes, but his warm up was an interesting introduction to a good rider, so I asked that he let me take his picture in his warm up outfit. He obliged.

Start Sunday, September, 26, 2021, 8:10 AM, 62 degrees
Finish 9:50 AM, just delightful temperatures
Cyclists on descent 45
Vehicles on descent 14
Runners/walkers 8
Ratio of cyclists to vehicles 3.2 to 1 (fairly normal for the AM)

Chuck H.

Consecutive Lookout days 55
Laps 2021 179
Laps lifetime 3180. third to Ray (7915) and Rick (4,000+)