Thirty five year old Dan Hunter was heading for a meteorological seminar in Leadville yesterday on his bicycle. As a founder and co-owner of Summit Ascents International, a start-up guiding company, he needs to know and correctly interpret weather information for his clients. The company is equipped to handle interests in rock climbing, ice climbing and ski mountaineering. He has been in Colorado for eight years and if he ever had an ingrained Georgia drawl, it has pretty much disappeared by now. His wife is a musician who has been featured with her band, Heartstring Hunters, on the local public broadcasting station. The couple just sold their house in Coal Creek Canyon, so I think he was starting the day riding from Boulder. Off you go, Dan. Many miles to go before you sleep.

Start Friday, 9/24/21, 9:20 AM, 56 degrees
Finish 10:45 AM, 62 degrees- delightful
Cyclists on descent 12
Vehicles on descent 15
Runners/walkers 2
Ratio of cyclists to vehicles 1 to 1.25 (unusual to have more cars than bikes in the AM)

Chuck H.

Consecutive days 53
Laps 2021 177
Laps lifetime 3178