Gary Dickinson is a long time running/cycling friend who, along with his wife, Phyliss, reared a couple category 1 racers, Jeff and Brent. So the whole family has been on the Colorado cycling scene for many years. Gary also has a great sense of humor, so when I asked him to hold up this piece of paper on an Ed Greivel bike trip to Fredericksburg, TX, he did not hesitate. This was a lesson in basic cycling nourishment- even though Jeff is the master distiller at the Bear Creek Distillery (a place worth visiting in south Denver).

Start Tuesday, 9/21/21, 8:20 AM, 44 degrees
Finish 11 AM, 47 degrees
Cyclists on descent 5
Vehicles on descent 9
Ratio of cyclists to vehicles 1 to 1.8

Chuck H.

Consecutive days 50
Laps 2021 174
Laps lifetime 3175 (third behind Ray and Rick)