Ron Kimminau was one of Ray’s best friends. Both worked at Coors and rode Lookout Mountain for many years. Since Ron retired, he and his wife have traveled extensively and enjoy taking vacations on cruise ships.

I could not ride until about 1 PM this day and a rider coming down said “You’re crazy!!” to me as I started up. I was not sure if he was referring to the heat, the lack of a breeze, the fact I was riding my backup Bike Friday, or the expression on my face, but it was a tough ride up that time of day. But a lap is a lap to keep the string going….. and there were fifteen riders ascending as I came down in that brutal heat.

Start Saturday, 12:45 PM, 9/18/21, 86 degrees
Finish 1:50 PM, 89 degrees
Cyclists on descent 15
Vehicles on descent 27
Walkers/runners 3
Ratio of cyclists to vehicles 1 to 1.8 (normally more cars than bikes in the afternoon and vice versa in the morning)

Chuck H.

Consecutive days 47
Laps 2021 171
Laps lifetime 3172 (third behind Ray and Rick)