It only seemed appropriate on 9/11 that one of the most considerate riders that I have run into recently is a physician at Rose Medical Center. Steve and his wife are originally from Pittsburgh. He is a GI doctor at Rose and she is a cardiopulmonary doctor at The VA hospital. Thank you to her also for her efforts in the last year and a half.

I was riding toward the centerline coming up on a hairpin corner on my ascent with Steve coming up behind me. Instead of cutting to my right to pass, Steve made his position known so that I could move over for him. He also was very patient with a slow descending pickup truck as we came down- waiting until the pickup almost came to a stop at a speed bump before checking upcoming traffic and passing safely.

Thank you, Steve.

Start 8:45 AM, Saturday, 9/11/21, 69 degrees
Finish 9:45 AM, 73 degrees
Cyclists on descent 20
Vehicles on descent 5
Ratio of cyclists to vehicles 4 to 1

Chuck H.

Consecutive days 40
Laps 2021 164
Laps lifetime 3165 (third behind Ray -7915 and Rick -4000+)