Lois McLauchlan and Bob are from Sedalia. Lois gave me a map of the Front Range Trail- ‘a pedestrian and cycle trail running along the front range from north of Fort Collins to south of Pueblo’. A copy is shown below. Bob had a vintage Schwinn Paramount up until a few years ago. He still regrets the loss of his old bicycle.

Today’s ride……

Start Tuesday, 9/7/21, 8:15 AM, 70 degrees (or thereabouts)
Finish 10 AM, (after coffee at Pahaska Teepee)
Cyclists on descent 16
Vehicles on descent. 4
Runners/walkers 1
Ratio of cyclists to vehicles 4 to 1

Chuck H.

Consecutive days 36
Laps 2021 160
Laps lifetime 3161 (third behind Ray- 7915 and Rick- 4000+)