Ryan still had to ride back to Evergreen, but had a flat at the bottom of Lookout. He was patient when I blew out the first replacement tube because I did not check for proper placement of the tube and pinched it during inflation. The second effort proved successful. Thanks for your
patience, Ryan.

This is Katherine’s first lap on Lookout. She is an author and multi talented businesswoman who just moved to Denver and is interested in finding good routes to Lookout from downtown. She qualified for and finished Ironman/Hawaii (the Big Kahuna).

Start 8 AM, Sunday, September 6, 64 degrees
Finish 9 AM, 77 degrees
Cyclists on descent 60
Vehicles on descent 12
Ratio of cyclists to vehicles 5 to 1

Chuck H.

Consecutive days 35
Laps 2021 159
Laps lifetime 3160