It is the start of the Colorado School of Mines school year and Jeffrey Burnham
Rudolph’s bronze cycling statue at the bottom of Lookout is suited up and ready to take on all comers. Just remember- it requires Strength, Dedication, Discipline and Determination to both ride Lookout and graduate from the School of Mines. All four characteristics are visible on the cyclist below.

Start Friday, 9/3/21, 3:10 PM, 75 degrees

Finish 4:05 PM still 75 degrees with a bit of a rain shower
Cyclists on descent 6
Vehicles on descent 18
Ratio of cyclists to vehicles 1 to 3 (The ratio switches in the afternoon. Cars and motorcycles outnumber the cyclists.)

Chuck H.

Consecutive days 32
Laps 2021` 155
Laps lifetime 3156 (still third by a long way)
Consistency Challenge -:02