Originally from Belgium and then NYC, Thomas DeGeest has been in Colorado since 2017. Cycling Lookout has helped him lose 28 pounds since he arrived here. His business is Wafels and Dinges. He hopes to open a site in Park Meadows soon. As now he has a 1959 Ford Van food truck and the vehicle you see here. Say hello to Thomas when you see him in the parking lot at Beverly Heights Park.

Start Wednesday, 9/1/21, 7:10 AM, 64 degrees
Finish 8:15 AM, 68 degrees, still smoky
Cyclists on descent 12
Vehicles on descent 2
Walkers/runners 2
Ratio of cyclists to vhicles. 6 to 1

Chuck H.

Consecutive days 30
Laps 2021 154
Laps lifetime 3155