Thanks to Jenga Nduati for giving me some time this morning. He recalled meeting a cyclist on Lookout who was not only also African American and lived in his former town of Dallas, but was also from Kenya and also from the same tribe in Kenya. Just one of the small world stories shared among Lookout cyclists.

The second picture was at the start of my first trip at the east end of the Peaks to Plains Trail just southwest of the Highway 6, 158, Highway 93 intersection. It is spectacular. For a good article about the trail, reference the Denver Post, Saturday, August 28 edition in the Life and Culture section. John Meyer wrote a very informative article that details the advantages of this new segment. If you want to ride this path, I suggest that you go early as there were many hikers making use of the first week of the trail’s accessibility and shade.

Start Tuesday, 8/31/21, 10:00 AM 76 degrees
Finish 11:00 AM, much hotter and smoky
Cyclists on descent 13
Vehicles on descent 4
Ratio of cyclists to vehicles 3.25 to 1

Chuck H.

Consecutive days 29
Laps 2021 153
Laps lifetime 3154

And thanks to Mary Kate (?) for the conversation at the start. Good to talk to you.