If there is a day during the year to avoid Lookout or to ride as early as possible, this is the day. The freshman hike up to the “M” with their white rocks amid the upperclassmen who are armed with water cannons and other arms featuring hydraulic ammunition. I was lucky enough to evacuate the highway prior to the onslaught. In previous years we have ridden down through the melee and become part of the chaos. If you are looking for an early morning Bacchanalia, fine…..but be forewarned, this is the one day of the year that you might wish you had ridden down the frontage road on I-70. (The freshmen leave the School of Mines at 8 AM on foot. The traffic sign said the road was closed to automobile traffic until 3 PM.}

Start Friday, 8/20/21, 6:45 AM, 48 degrees
Finish 7:45 AM 58 degrees
Cyclists on descent About a dozen
Vehicles on descent Chaos
Ratio of cyclists to vehicles Undetermined

Chuck H.

Consecutive days 18. (personal 2021 record- 51. All time- Ray Bolton’s 155)
Laps 2021 142
Laps lifetime 3143 (Three-a-day Ray- 7915)
Consistency challenge +:04