Start Thursday, 8/19/21, 6:10 AM, 62 degrees
Finish 7:15 AM, 66 degrees
Cyclists on descent 27
Vehicles on descent 1
Ratio of cyclists to vehicles 27 to 1

Chuck H.

2021 laps 141
Lifetime laps 3142
Consistency Challenge -:16

It is tough to beat riding at daybreak in the summer. It is cool and the vehicle traffic is light. It is encouraging to see riders using lights at that time also. Some of the the five fellows riding together were dressed in all black. I am still not sure why any cyclist who rides on the roads with the cars would not want to be maximally visible.

For those of you not familiar with the person to whom this website is dedicated, here is a picture of the “Sheriff of Lookout Mountain”. Ray was insistent that riders be careful and watch out for each other while enjoying the road up Lookout.