Start Tuesday, 8/17/21, 8 AM, 73 degrees
Finish 10:30 AM, 79 degrees
Cyclists on descent 14
Vehicles on descent 5
Ratio of cyclists to vehicles 2.8 to 1

Chuck H.

Consecutive days 15
Laps 2021 139
Laps lifetime 3140 (Ray Bolton- 7915 recorded rides in 32 years)

Still smoky and hot.

Seth Boster, an Outside writer from the Denver Gazette wants to write an article on folks who cycle Lookout Mountain. The paper is published in Colorado Springs. Denver only has an on line presence. Send me something on Facebook if you have an idea that you think is of importance to the topic. Otherwise, sit tight and I will let you know when something is published.

Lori Bolton, Ray’s wife, was kind enough to let my nephew, Chris, purchase Ray’s bikes, which were in absolutely mint condition. Chris sent her this picture. Ray is gone, but his bicycles still roll on in Cincinnati, Ohio. Ray is missed by his friends, but his example sustains our efforts on Lookout.