Will (the engineer from Ohio) is taking a picture of Madeline and Michelle (physical therapists at the VA hospital from Colorado and Michigan respectively) in the parking lot of Buffalo Bill’s.

Start Sunday, 8/15/21, 8:30 AM, 72 degrees
Finish 10 AM, 82 degrees
Cyclists on descent 64
Vehicles on descent 12
Runners/walkers 7
Ratio of Cyclists to Vehicles 5.3 to 1

Chuck H.

Consecutive days 13
Laps 2021 137
Laps Lifetime 3138 (Ray Bolton- 7915)
Consistency Challenge Dead even (same time AFTER the power line to the “M” to the intersection at Buffalo Bill’s as the time TO the “M” from the pillars.

School of Mines hike to the M is coming up this Friday. The road will be closed to cars in the morning. Riding is possible if you don’t mind the myriad of 18 year old freshmen hikers spread out over the the road. I’ll try to find out what time the hike will start.