Start Tuesday, 8/3/21, 8:20 AM, 68 degrees
Finish 10:30 AM, 78 degrees

Bicyclists on descent 25
Vehicles on descent 14
Ratio of cyclists to vehicles 1.8 to 1

Chuck H.

Laps in 2021 125
Laps lifetime 3126

Riding early is popular. Some cyclists are heading back to the parking lot just as I start, but the weather is best at that time (before 8 AM). it seems that in general the cyclists are getting more interested in interacting even if it is just a nod of the head or a quick hand gesture. As cyclists, we do need to lookout for each other because many cars are rentals, being driven by tourists from out of state. But even local drivers can be impatient and drive completely left of center to pass cyclists. This happened to me this morning heading to a blind corner. I do not know if a cyclist freewheeling down the mountain could have reacted quickly enough to avoid the oncoming car.