David Goldenberg rode four laps up Lookout today. He has been averaging about 26 minutes for his laps. He is preparing to ride in California with some friends who race. He will be doing a lot of climbing there, so he has been visiting Lookout often recently. Enjoy your riding in CA, David!

Ride on Thursday, July 15, 2021

Start 7:45 AM, Thursday, July 15, 63 degrees
Finish 8:55 AM, 67 degrees
Cyclists on descent 22
Vehicles on descent 10
Runners/walkers 1

Chuck H.

Consecutive days 43
Laps in 2021 113
Laps lifetime 3114 (Rick (4K+) is injured just now and of course Ray had 7915)

During the week in the mornings it seems that there are as many women as men on the mountain. Today was cool and cloudy, so there was not as many downslope winds during the ascent.