Start Sat, 6/12/21, 7AM, 60 degrees
Finish 8:10 AM, 68 degrees
Cycles on descent 57
Vehicles on descent 7
Runners/walkers 1
Ratio of cycles to vehicles 8.1 to 1

Chuck H.

The bike traffic was really picking up as I left. If you rode past Buffalo Bill’s, you may have encountered the triathlon bike traffic around the Nature Center.

10 consecutive days, 79 laps in 2021, 3080 lifetime. Ray-7915, Rick- 4000+.

Kent D. rode his 100th trip up Mount Evans this week. Some starts have been from his house in Lakewood.

I took a couple minutes to shoo a snake off the road a bit past the “M”. Credit goes to Rick B. who has given this favor to rattlesnakes in the past.