Start 5/4/21, 9:45 AM, 40 degrees
Finish 11 AM, 49 degrees
Bikes on descent 4
Runners/Walkers 3
Vehicles 11
Ratio Riders/vehicles 1 to 2.8 still few riders in the AM

Time 22:27 to M, 45:39 to Buffalo Bill’s

Laps 2021-48, , lifetime- 3049

Consistency slower :45 in second half
Consecutive days 12

I’ll be darned. Jaime L. was running up again this morning even after a lap by him yesterday afternoon. His record is 90 running laps in a year. He hopes to break that record this year. He works as a cook at the Denver aquarium. Al N., owner of D’Deli in Golden, rides just a bit later than I usually. The riding weather is improving.