Date Sunday, 5/2/21
Start 8:15 AM, 58 degrees
Finish 9:15 AM, 61 degrees
Riders on descent 46
Vehicles on descent 16 cars, 1 motorcycle
Ratio of riders to vehicles 2.7 to 1

(Last Sunday the ratio was almost 9 to 1, but I had an earlier start this Sunday.) The earlier you can start riding on Sunday, the less bike and car traffic you encounter.

Chuck H. M- 19:44, Second half- 20:04, Finish- 39:48
Consistency Challenge- 20 seconds slower from M to Buffalo Bill’s

2021 Laps- 46,

Lifetime- 3047

Consecutive days- 10

P.S. Christine S. was there when I arrived. She is a Sunday morning regular. There were many riders coming up from Golden as I left.