Date- Friday, 4/30/21
Weather Beautiful
Start 8:30 AM 60 degrees
Finish 9:35 AM 67 degrees
Riders on descent- Corral-3, on Road- 4
Vehicles 7 cars, 1 motorcycle
Ratio bikes/vehicles 1/1.14

(First time in a week that there were more cars than bikes.)

Time 19:51 to “M”, 19:28 after “M”,

Finish at Buffalo Bill’s- 39:19

Consistency challenge- 23 seconds faster after “M”

More vehicles than bikes this morning.
Jenga from Kenya getting ready as I finished.
Glad to see license ADPTAK9 on way home.

Chuck H.
Consecutive days- 8

Rides in 2021- 44

Lifetime- 3045