I’ve been cold on Mt Evans and Lookout many times, but my scariest experience was on a March ride out to the White Ranch lower parking lot and back. The weather was 100% sunny wth no wind. The temperature was a comfortable 40 degrees. An ominous looking snow cloud was building up towards Estes Park and I was keeping a close eye on it. I figured that if it started to move, I could hammer the 12 mostly downhill miles home fast…probably with a strong tail wind.

Just as I hit the parking lot, the wind started blowing and the snow started falling so I high-tailed it for home. By the time I reached Golden, the bike path was white and the wind was howling. At the Coors granary, my light jacket and all my gear was soaked through, and 4″ of snow covered the path. By the time I got home in Wheatridge, it took hours of emptying the water heater in the shower to warm up. I was still chilled two days later.

I experienced borderline hypothermia…. on a beautiful spring day in Denver!

I started carrying “extra” gear always- sometimes extra, extra gear. I Rarely use it, but, man, when I need it, I NEED it!